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Steps To Become a Freemason

What are the Requirements of Membership?

Before contacting us, there are a few prerequisites we wish to remind you about that are required to become a Freemason.

  1. You must be the age of 21 or above (unless you’re the son of a Freemason).
  2. You are obligated to be able to attend at least 8 of 11 monthly lodge meetings. These happen in the Cape Town CBD in the evenings from 19h30 – 22h00 (approximately).
  3. Belief in a BENEVOLENT Higher Being.
  4. There is an Annual Fee that all Freemasons are expected to commit to affording.

The above criteria are the minimum expectations and requirements we are obligated to consider before any further progress in proposing you as an potential member of the Fraternity.

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