Southern Cross Info

Southern Cross Info

Lodge Southern Cross No. 398 (Scottish Constitution)


Lodge Southern Cross holds 9 regular meetings referred to as “Lodge” throughout the year. These are always on the 2nd Monday of every month, except for December, January and April when “Special Meetings” or recess is held.

The first of our Special Meetings each year, happens in April (unless otherwise scheduled) and is our installation. During this meeting each year, officers elected in the preceding March meeting, are officially installed into their new roles to be held for a period of 12 months.

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Our other Special Meeting and perhaps the most enjoyable of the year, is our Annual Partner’s Night in December. Instead of holding Lodge in this month, we choose to enjoy an evening or event together with the wives, girlfriends and partners of our lodge members. This is our way of thanking them for the support they offer us daily, but especially in for their support of our Masonic obligations.


Apart from our own meetings, becoming a Master Mason entitles you to visit other Lodges just about anywhere else in the world. Southern Cross actively attempts to visit other Lodges in our District (the Western Cape) as often as possible, either as Official Lodge Visits (which must include a specific number of officers and members) or in personal capacity by each member.

These visits help us ensure our own Lodge “Workings” (what we do in Lodge) are up to standard, visit other Masons throughout the Cape as well as maintain good relations with fellow Masons.

Another aspect of visiting, is the opportunity to visit Lodges from our “Sister Constitutions”; the Irish, English and South African Constitutions, which are all active as well in South Africa.

We at Lodge Southern Cross regularly host visitors and are forever grateful to other Masons who knock at our door for a visit.

Funny Freemasonry Cartoon
Of course, when visiting other Lodges, we do all like to make fun of each other for not having the “proper” Ritual.

Are you interested in becoming a Freemason, or would just like to know more? Please feel free to Contact us by filling in the form on our Contact Page, by leaving us a message on our Facebook Page or by emailing us at; LodgeSouthernCross398@gmail.com.