What Nonsense!? Here’s the Truth

What Nonsense!? Here’s the Truth

What Nonsense!? Here’s the Truth

A Freemason’s Answer to Some of the Hilarious things Freemasonry is Accused of.

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1. The Freemasons are the “unseen 3rd force” behind every major government and the elite’s decisions. They’re pulling the strings and are the architects of a “New World Order”.

Well, as a Freemason, I must say – if we have been the one’s pulling the strings for at least the last 3 centuries to take over the world… We haven’t done a terribly good job of it have we? Unless I’m missing my cheque in the mail each month, in which case – I’d like to chat to our Lodge Secretary about back-pay…

2. Freemasonry is racist. Especially men of African descent aren’t allowed to join.

We are in an age where we MUST recognise injustices from the past and while in the United Stats of America, racism (in a what is thankfully and I hope a bygone era) did lead to the creation of Prince Hall Freemasonry (the oldest and largest group of Masons of African Origin), there are incredibly active Grand Lodges throughout the rest of the world, especially in the rest of Africa.

All of us should be working on recognising the injustices of the past and ensuring they are never repeated. Freemasonry at it’s core states brotherhood as one of our 3 most important tenets on which we’re founded.Racism is absolutely disgusting and a Freemason behaving in such a manner should do us all a favour and leave or work past his ignorance and learn that it’s our differences that make us all so similar.

3. The Freemasons are rich. Very rich. As in, they control all the banks rich…

If only this were the case (again, if I’ve missed something and I’m just not getting my cheques, I’m calling the Brother Secretary right away…). Freemasonry does not have limitless amounts of money. This sadly leads to a lot of our Lodges closing down and buildings etc needing to be sold. Whilst at it’s height of popularity it may have seemed like Freemasonry was rich, it is more due to the number of members in those days which allowed for larger sums of money to be available from collection of Lodge fees, etc.

4. Freemasonry is really just a cover and a front for the Illuminati

It’s 2018… Is this one really still going around? Once and for all. No. If we were, I’d personally be calling in my “Brownie-Illuminati Points” for a far better job. Let’s move on. As I said, 2018 – can’t we start a rumour we’re actually from Space or something better?

(Author note – We bet if we look hard enough, we will actually find that one…)

5. Freemasons are “Godless”, they don’t believe in any God or gods and are pushing an Atheist agenda.

This one surprises me, we’ve gone from being accused of Satanism to Atheism? No. The first thing someone is asked when joining Regular Freemasonry, is whether they believe in a higher being or power. Atheists, simply can’t join Freemasonry. Not because we’re a religion (more on this coming) but because Freemasonry deals a lot in allegory, symbology and needing to make promises under the watchful eye of something larger than yourself to hold you accountable. So, in short – not Atheists.

6. Staying on topics of Theology. Freemasonry is a religion.

Nope. If anything, we’re a bunch of folks getting together discussing philosophical ideas. We’re not required to or ever impressed on to leave our own religions, churches, etc. We’re not doing any form of worship when we meet for Lodge meetings and we don’t intend for it to ever head this way. The topic of religious opinions, religion and politics by the way, are completely banned from discussion in Lodge. There is religious undertone in the sense we open and close in prayer.

On another note – we have Freemasons from a multitude of religions. The 3 Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), as well as Hindu and even Pagans (not in any Lodge I know of in SA, but there are abroad as far as I know). NB – the Superior Power in a Freemasonic context needs to be recognised as Benevelont – so before it’s mentioned; no, Satanism  and the like disqualifies you from joining.

Knights Templar

7. Freemasons are the descendants of the original Knights Templars

This would be awesome, but sadly, nope, no historically accurate proof of this. It’s makes for a good story and sells books, but not the case I’m afraid.

8. Freemasons are sexual deviants. They partake in orgies and wife-swapping

With the utmost respect to our older brethren – I don’t think many of them would quite have it in them anymore. As for wife-swapping… Again, utmost respect to the older brethren and their significant others (that make up the majority of Lodges), but it really wouldn’t be a fair swap and secondly I know exactly which frying pan my wife would use if I even jokingly said this was something being considered…

9. To join the Freemasons, you must sacrifice a family member

Oh yes, and we also sacrifice virgins at each Lodge meeting… Look, to be honest I think we’d run out of places to hide the bodies and I’m sure by now between the police, Scotland Yard, FBI, MI6 and anyone else would have noted a lot of missing people being somehow linked to Freemasonry. No, that’s just silly. I miss “The Illuminati” question from earlier now actually…

10. The Freemasons that are seen and heard from are like foot soldiers. They aren’t part of the “inner-circle”/aren’t of high enough a level…

Ok, once and for all here are a few facts:

  1. Freemasonry does not have “Levels”, they are referred to as “Degrees” (get that part right at least).
  2. 32° and 33° Freemasonry is just another Degree in “The Scottish Rite” (by the way – it’s not even really Scottish). The USA Freemasons seem to be a bit more keen on chasing down “the numbers” and climbing the Degree ladder, but (point 3)…
  3. There are only 3 Degrees that are of most importance in Freemasonry. These are done in a “Craft Lodge” or as more noticeably being called these days “Blue Lodge”. The Entered Apprentice, Fellowship of the Craft and Master Mason Degrees are the base of Freemasonry. The learning in your Craft Lodge never stops and a Craft Lodge Master Mason is no less of a Freemasonry than a Scottish Rite 33° Freemason.
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